Our mission is to deliver the "Kain Na!/Come Eat With Us!" feeling to the world!


7,000+ Islands

The Philippines is an archipelago nation compromising over 7,000 islands. Each island is closely related. However, each island has a unique identity, translating into diversity in culture, language, and of course, food! That diversity leads to an abundance of delicious recipes influenced by the availability of ingredients and techniques.


The Benchmark

The DIY Kit honours these traditions with a recipe that purists and newcomers can enjoy with confidence nationwide by establishing a benchmark! Each meal kit begins with the pillar ingredients! You can enjoy it perfectly asis, or feel free to use it as a canvas of flavour!

"Canada's First Line of DIY Filipino Meal Kits"

  • DIY Pork Adobo

    The most popular dish in the Philippines, the DIY Pork Adobo Kit has everything you need for a taste of the islands.

  • DIY Chicken Adobo

    Adobo may have it's roots in Spanish cuisine but this flavour is uniquely Filipino! Braising in fermented cane vinegar for tender bites.

  • DIY Bicol Express

    Bicol Express is famously named for the Bicol Region train route in the Philippines! Enjoy this iconic dish from the comfort of your home!

  • DIY Beef Papaitan

    "Papaitan" means to make bitter in Tagalog and can be associated with the Filipino penchant for bitter tastes! 

  • DIY Beef Adobo sa Gata

    A delicious coconut twist on a classic,this beef adobo sa gata will have you salivating for bite after bite! ! 

  • DIY Beef Pares

    A street-food staple in the Philippines.Slow-simmered tender cuts of beef, savoury spices to awaken your palette.  

  • DIY Bistek

    Hearty cuts of beef are slow-simmered in soy sauce and sweet onions leaving you craving after each bite!  


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